The aroma of melting beeswax. Intoxicating. Playing with fire. Seductive. Coaxing wax to alter its form; solid to liquid and back again, is what I love to do.
The term encaustic means to burn in. Encaustic Wax. The combination of beeswax combined with damar resin, fused in countless layers. An enduring art medium with an unequivocal lustre and richness. I am humbled with the complexity of this organic material and am privileged to create, utilizing such sacred substances.
I work intuitively building layers of shape, colour, symbolism and abstract composition. I love blending the warmth of fibre with the encapsulation of hardened encaustic wax to reveal an unique mergence of mediums. Always challenging myself with breaking tradition and exploring new material combinations.
I am a Reiki Master, lecturer and teacher residing in St Catharines, Ontario.